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Medication Non-Adherence.
What’s the real cost?

Complex medication schedules can be difficult for anyone to keep track of without a Dose Administration Aid (DAA). That’s one of the reasons it’s estimated that 50% of those taking medication for chronic illness will miss doses of their medication.​

By the Pharmacist

SimpleDose sachets containing medication

SimpleDose Pharmacist’s Top 5 Tips for Improving Medication Adherence

By the Phamacist

Medication Adherence is a key aspect of managing chronic illness, and being able to take medications as prescribed by your doctor is critical for clinical improvements, health outcomes, and cost savings.

How long will I be taking the medication I have been prescribed by my doctor?

By the Phamacist

If you have been diagnosed with one of these such as heart disease or cholesterol, you may feel overwhelmed with the new medication regimen prescribed to you.

“250,000 hospital admissions annually are a result of medication-related problems. The annual costs for Australia are $1.4 billion”

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Ltd. (Report: Medicine Safety: Take Care)

How much does a webster pack cost?

“The cost of a Webster Pack varies depending on the size and type of dispenser you choose. In Australia there are strict laws governing where traditional retail pharmacies can operate, so you may only have one local option meaning Webster Pack may not even be available in your area. “

Is this just in my Head?

By Samantha Fielding

“you have PCOS, often women like you are told to put up with it as the constellation of unexplained symptoms can vary or associated with menstrual difficulties that’s why it goes undiagnosed for so long”

When Treating my Anxiety caused more Anxiety

By Jane Turner

People seem to think that if they can’t see evidence of your pain and suffering, then it must not be real, or at least not as serious as you describe.

“10% of all hospital visits in older adults are due to medication non-adherence resulting in an increased burden on already burdened hospitals”

Pub Med

Chronic Fatigue

A publicly underfunded and silent, complicated disorder Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or commonly known as Chronic Fatigue, has been demonstrated in research to affect the lives of 250,000 Australians annually with debilitating consequences on their ability to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. The heterogeneity of long COVID-19 illness has shone a light on the unknown complexities of Chronic Fatigue and is thus a driving force behind public forces to gain greater understanding of this misunderstood disease.

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