Is this just in my head?

My Story

If I can paint a picture, it’s the year 2011, Rebecca Black “Friday” is playing on my iPod touch and I’m finishing the final attachment of my clip-in feather extensions à la Selena Gomez because I’m off to my year ten formal. Oh, and don’t forgot the magical Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse that’s three inches across my top lip to hide ‘mo and cystic acne I can’t seem to shake off. In short, I had never even imagined the need for an online pharmacy to treat anxiety.

For the next eight years; I would secretly suffer heavily, debilitating menstrual periods that lead me bed ridden and nauseous, weight gain as well as cystic acne. Not to mention a menstrual cycle that was incredibly inconsistent, varying from every two weeks through to stretches of up to three months of nothing.

But hey, that’s just “women’s problems”. Or so my family general practitioner somewhat nonchalantly stated to me and my mother after I had finally worked up the courage at age 13 and burning awkwardness I felt asking this man who had known me since I was in the womb. Is this just in my head? A question I contemplated through my adolescence. The medical field certainly appeared to think so.

My Diagnosis

At age 20, I got a referral to an OBGYN (obstetrician-gynaecologist) at recommendation of a naturopath. She patiently took my hand and said “you have PCOS, often women like you are told to put up with it as the constellation of unexplained symptoms can vary or associated with menstrual difficulties that’s why it goes undiagnosed for so long”. Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome is a very common, unclear reproductive and hormonal disorder which can cause distress and anxiety, where ovaries are prohibited from releasing eggs or have cysts. Prevalent in up to 12 – 21% of Australian women of reproductive age concerningly almost 70% of PCOS goes undetected.

woman suffering from anxiety on a couch


Doctors commonly prescribe birth control to help regulate women’s menstrual cycles, but research has also shown that women with PCOS are at an increased risk for chronic illnesses.such as diabetes, as well as fertility issues. I manage my chronic illness and symptoms through a combination of medical management, naturopathy, and exercise. As of 2022, there is no cure for my condition, and I have been warned to prepare for potential fertility issues in the future. To alleviate some of this pressure and enjoy my 20s, I am considering egg collection. I am aware that not all women have this opportunity, and I feel grateful for the privilege. Luckily with the help of my online pharmacy, I was able to bring everything under control.

Help was there

PCOS is more than just beauty or weight gain; it causes anxiety, loss of control, and anger towards your body. It can also lead to feelings of isolation, suffering alone, and a desperate search for quick fixes to find relief. With close work alongside your professional, you can find relief and spread the word so we can educate young women alike to stop other girls suffering at the hands of Maybelline Dream Mousse too.