We cost the same as your regular pharmacy 

Just like your in-store pharmacy, we offer PBS and concession discounted medicines from $7.30

Our aim is to simplify your life by delivering your medicine every 28 days, ensuring that you never run out. To make regular payments more manageable, we partially charge you for the portion of medicine consumed every week, rather than lump sums for packs or bottles. This means you just have 52 micro-payments throughout the year. Essentially, it’s like paying for your medicine each 28 days in four equal instalments.


Is free for weekly payments totalling $15 or more per week, or for any NDIS Participant.

For orders less than $15, a delivery fee is charged at $2.49 per week.

Sorting & packaging

Is free for people taking 5 or more medications, vitamins or supplements.

For orders of less than 5 items, we charge a small order fee of between $2 & $5 per week.

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Australia-wide delivery

Save time and make less trips to the pharmacy with speedy delivery for you and your family.

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We’ll always do our best to help you 

Make home delivered medication work within your budget

You’ll just pay the co-contribution payment on each of your government subsidised PBS medications, or our competitive retail price for all other items, exactly as you would at any traditional pharmacy.

Automatic prescription repeats available with PBS subsidised pricing as an approved pharmacy
Medicare allowing for automatic prescription repeats
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We’ll handle all the paperwork, and support you better

We’ll work with your doctors & support you with regular updates included in your order. We can also help with vitamin & supplement recommendations.  

Yes, we truly have your back.

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