Treating my Anxiety

Restless and fatigued at the same time. Pain, worry, and aches sprinkled with irritability and a touch of sadness. You might ask what on earth is wrong that is causing me these symptoms. But I’d hesitate to tell you about it. Why? Because I’m afraid of getting the same response I am usually met with before I discovered my online pharmacy to treat my anxiety.

Just. calm. down.

A simple, innocent phrase that carries more frustration than anyone without anxiety could ever understand.

People seem to think that if they can’t see evidence of your pain and suffering, then it must not be real, or at least not as serious as you describe. It’s interesting, how entitled people feel to the validity of your own physical and mental health. Most of the time people think they’re helping, but sometimes I wish I could just have a little more privacy when it comes to this stuff, particularly when it comes to medication management.

Woman suffering anxiety

To make matters worse, anxiety treatment requires putting yourself in some anxiety-inducing situations if you don’t have someone to always go to the pharmacy for you. It took me years of struggling with my symptoms until I mustered up the strength to go to the doctor. Finally, I get a diagnosis and a great sense of hope in the form of a prescription sent to my local pharmacy.

It turns out my pharmacy doesn’t stock my prescription medication anymore. It took five days of calling and showing up and asking for medications until I was able to get my hands on my medication. I felt embarrassed and told myself I can’t go through this ever again. That’s when I did some research and found out I could go to an online pharmacy instead. The idea of medication home delivery every month felt like a dream.

Things Improved

When I tell you that online pharmacy was life-changing for me, I’m not exaggerating. The idea of going to the pharmacy gives me a similar feeling to going to the dentist. Sure, I’m not going under any drill or anything, but just the sheer uncertainty of how things are going to pan out is enough to draw a comparison. I only needed the three medications delivered, but anyone who takes any more medications on a regular basis is going to get even more value from this.

Once you’re all set up, you can rest assured that your monthly medication is scheduled, packaged, and delivered. Automatic refills are delivered with ease and all you have to worry about is seeing your doctor as you normally would.