How it works

your life, today

Online pharmacy means no more chasing down scripts, sorting medication or waiting in line for a Webster Pack

SimpleDose sachets containing medication

Getting started

Getting started
is easy

All we need is your Medicare Card, your current scripts and a few other details. A pharmacist will then check your medication, and you’re all set for your first order

Your first two days

We’ll help transfer your scripts and set up your service

We coordinate

with your doctors and the PBS, to dispense your scripts

We schedule

your first shipment within the week, and setup your plan

We package

your medication by time of day and send them to your door

contents of package delivered from online pharmacy
Woman receiving parcel from online pharmacy

Every month

You’ll get the medication you need

We sort your medication by time & day into easy to open sachets. If you need any other items, we’ll send them too. And best of all, customers speak directly with a SimpleDose pharmacist whenever they want at our online pharmacy.

Pharmacy support

9am-8pm AEST, 7 days

Automatic repeats

before you need them

Nationwide Home delivery

right to your door

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Details your doctor will love

Your monthly medication list

We send you a detailed list of all your medication and dose instructions every month. We even include images to help you identify each pill. And we’ll notify you of any new scripts required, and arrange help for emergency scripts if needed.

Safety is our priority

For accuracy, a registered pharmacist checks every dose sachet at multiple points in the process, every month. We also review your full list of medication from your GP whenever there is a change, for any interactions.

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