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Australian community pharmacist Mark Dunsdon and eCommerce specialist Andrew Hay had something in common when they met. They had both been surrounded by people struggling with managing their medications. Dozens of pill boxes, weekly trips to the pharmacy, and time-consuming sorting of pills into plastic pill boxes and webster & blister packs.

Not to mention the danger of catching something in store while waiting in line. And with the COVID pandemic causing a surge of pharmacists to leave the industry, and
the aggressive strategies of retail pharmacy franchises taking its toll on in-store healthcare, pharmacists nationwide had no way to solve this dilemma.

The entire system was complicated, confusing and did little to support health or wellness. Mark had his feet in the stagnant world of pharmacy, and Andrew had his feet in the fast-paced world of design and technology. Judging by global trends, they knew there had to be a better way.


“We started from the ground up during the COVID pandemic”

  • While in SE Queensland temporarily escaping a Melbourne COVID Lockdown, Andrew met Mark through the medical community. They started SimpleDose to prove that managing medications could actually be simple. They recognised that fixing pharmacy actually required building a better pharmacy. Until the customer had an alternative to traditional retail pharmacy, no app or smart sorting device could move the needle. After making it the goal to challenge the traditional retail pharmacy model, Mark and Andrew focussed first on helping the people with the toughest problem – the 4 million Australian adults who take five or more medications a day.

And they designed a solution for their customer’s needs 

  • From the beginning, SimpleDose has had the mission to deliver a delightful customer experience. With simple, convenient service to empower regular people to take medications correctly, and achieve better overall health and wellbeing.

What they say 

Andrew Hay

Founder & Managing Director

Before founding Australia’s safest and most convenient online pharmacy, Andrew’s background was in eCommerce software, when he worked with recognisable multinational companies like Adobe and Salesforce.com. While this is Andrew’s first foray into the medical community, he’s shown that true innovation comes from compassion, and the courage to take risks to improve patient outcomes.

Dr Richard Barker

General Practitioner & SimpleDose Medical Advisor

Richard is a Specialist General Practitioner and Practice owner. He is a strong proponent of Primary Care and longitudinal health relationships, and a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). Richard is a Director and Member of the Australian General Practice Alliance (AGPA). Richard also works in Medical education as a GP Registrar Supervisor with James Cook University.

Mark Dunsdon

Partner Pharmacy Owner

Mark Dunsdon is a registered member of the AHPRA who is passionate about improving people’s health. Mark is the owner of MJD Health, a group of pharmacies and medical centres that are committed to making it easier for people to get the healthcare they need. By joining SimpleDose, Mark is successfully realising his mission of making healthcare accessible for all Australians by offering a simple solution to a common problem — safe and convenient online medication delivery.