Are Webster Packs Free?

Webster packs have revolutionised the way medication is taken in Australia. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Webster packs are a medication management system, designed to simplify the process of taking multiple medications. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is, are Webster packs free? The short answer is that it depends on a few factors. So lets take a look:

Webster Pack cost Overview

Firstly, it’s important to understand that Webster packs are not a medication or a specific brand. Rather, they are a medication management system that is provided by pharmacies.

Some pharmacies may offer Webster packs for free as a service to their customers. However, this is not always the case. The cost of Webster packs can vary depending on the pharmacy and the patient’s circumstances. And this cost is due to rise, with a shortage of Australian Pharmacy assistants and workers.

If you have a valid concession card and are eligible for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), you may be able to receive your medication at a reduced cost or for free. However, pharmacies typically charge for Webster Packing regardless of concessions, since this involves work.

It’s worth noting that not all pharmacies offer Webster packs, and most charge between $12-$40 a month for the service.

So, why are Webster packs becoming increasingly popular in Australia? There are many benefits to using a medication dispensing system like Webster packs.

Free Webster pack with a glove for packing purposes

Benefits versus cost – Webster Pack is not free

For one, Webster Packs can help patients manage their medication schedules more easily. Webster packs are pre-filled with medications for each day and time of the week, which means patients don’t need to worry about remembering which medications to take when.

This can be especially helpful for elderly or disabled patients who may struggle with managing their medications on their own.

Webster packs can also help reduce the risk of medication errors. With medications pre-organised and clearly labelled, patients and caregivers can ensure that the right medications are taken at the right times.

Finally, using a medication dispensing system like Webster packs can help patients save time and energy. Instead of sorting through multiple pill bottles, patients can simply take their Webster pack with them when they’re on-the-go.


Webster packs are a valuable tool for managing medication and improving patient outcomes. However, they are rarely free, like SimpleDose. Simpledose is a webster pack alternative that is designed to be delivered directly to the patients door every 28 days. SimpleDose is free, because it’s run by an Australian online pharmacy, so there is no landlord involved, which means we can provide greater value to the end patient.

So if you’re interested in using a Webster pack, it’s worth looking into alternatives. With the right medication management system in place, patients can enjoy greater peace of mind and better health outcomes.